Fashion Designers and Tailors

Fashion Designers and Tailors

We have fabrics, measurements and bodies in common. Between pins and lines, cuts and adjustments, measurements and excesses, little changes but everything changes!

Sewing and styling can be so similar in terms of subject matter, but so different in terms of gestation…

A tailor is an executor, like the first knight at the head of a battalion, on the way to victory. It cuts and joins, squeezes and widens, makes and unmakes. A stylist is a creator, like the tactician who challenges others, in geometric formations that intend to triumph. Dream and conceptualize, defy and challenge, tie and untie.

Being a fashion designer is much more than making clothes. By definition, someone whose profession is to imagine new forms and contents. By heart, it means getting involved in the arts, visions, essences and substances.

I see and feel fashion as a decorative art, with all its volatile nuances and ethereal tones. What I do is inspire art in my day-to-day life and breathe it out in brushed projects on paper, photographs and beings.

Returning to the definitions, a tailor “performs operations of cutting, sewing and finishing in the execution of garments”.

Here lies the essential line between sewing and design, this boundary between concept and consummation. The fashion designer soaks the threads with fantasy and the tailor incorporates it into a piece through the eye of a needle. The purpose of hands, in both, goes through adjustment and feeling, but at different times in this relationship with the elements.

The final result, from the imaginary to the realization, reflects this purpose of the sentiment. That’s why I try, as I’ve always tried, to make a pact with the sewing of emotion. The executing hands that feel rather than just do. Sensitive hands as opposed to mechanical hands. The hands that work with the heart.

The soundtrack that is heard during the fittings of a piece is the accelerated beat of someone who sees a desire materialize. And the dressing is as comfortable as the care with which it is made.

The fashion designer imagines, the tailor materializes and utopia is substantiated.

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